Cincinnati State City Council Debate/Forum

List of Candidates

Candidate Photo Candidate Name Candidate Bio
Tom Brinkman Tom
Tom Brinkman was a member of the Ohio House of Representative for four 2-year terms from 2001 to 2008, when he retired due to constitutionally mandated term limits. During his tenure he maintained a perfect attendance record over eight years and served as Chairman of the House Committee of Commerce and Labor where he crafted House Bill 100, which was part of a one-two punch that turned the corrupt Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation back from the brink of insolvency. Other legislative accomplishments included the reform of Ohio's adoption system and forcing state government into the 21st century with the Transparency and Accountability Act.
Lakeisha Cook Lakeisha
I am currently a resident in Westwood. I grew up in Cincinnati and am proud to be a graduate from Withrow High School. While at college, I gained a B.A in Political Science. That was a foundation in which I learned how policies affect education, public health, resources, and development for communities. Through my career I have provided community-based learning to provide services to increase public health, mental health, education and employment throughout Cincinnati.

I am running for Cincinnati City Council, to ensure we are continuously using community-based assessments to provide services for all 52 neighbors while Cincinnati grows. I believe we need updated blended policies to allow our neighbors to thrive. I plan on creating opportunities for economic development with environmental sustainability in the forefront. The top five issues I am focused on are affordable housing, public safety, youth engagement in collective impact initiatives and revitalizing neighborhoods.
Michelle Dillingham Michelle
"I want to live in a city that will be responsive to and engaged with the needs of every community, not just the few. As a social worker, the mother of a son with cerebral palsy, as someone who has worked behind the scenes at City Hall for former Vice Mayor David Crowley, and successfully running non-profit organizations and programs, I have proven that I have the personal and professional experience to make that vision a reality as your next City Councilwoman."
Kevin Flynn Kevin
Flynn won election in 2013 to Cincinnati City Council, where he brought back the audit committee and led councils Rules and Audit Committee. Flynns best-known vote was a key vote to restart the Cincinnati Bell Connector. After doing so he brought forward an operating plan that included tax money from businesses along the route. He decided not to run for re-election in 2017. He recently retired from the active practice of law and as an adjunct professor at the University of Cincinnati.

Kevin was in a life changing auto accident 19 years ago, and he lives with quadriplegia. Kevin sees each day as a new opportunity to make his community better by dedication to public service.
Bill Frost Bill
I am a problem solver. I am an engineer, having spent the last 33 years working for GE Aviation, mainly here in Cincinnati. I started volunteering for my community by re-organizing my street Blockwatch. I became engaged in Cincinnati community leadership as the VP of safety for Pleasant Ridge Community Council (PRCC) and then held the role of PRCC president for 5+ years. I chaired the Neighborhood Safety Committee until the kick-off of my run for City Council.

Running Pleasant Ridge required improved engagement between the Community Council, Cincinnati Council and City Management. We improved these relationships, with particular focus on community safety. Since my time as PRCC president, I have been elected to the board of the Charter Committee of Greater Cincinnati, believing that it is vital to improve the efficiency of City Council and city management. I believe that the best solution to the city’s problems will not come from any national political party, but from a dedication to doing what is best for the city, no matter who comes up with the solution.
Brian Garry Brian
Garry is a lifelong Cincinnatian who owns Green City Ecostruction, which creates net-zero energy homes that are affordable. Hes also a social justice advocate, working in the past to save the Over-the-Rhine Senior Center and to help the citys homeless population and people displaced by the new FC Cincinnati stadium. Additionally, Neighborhoods United, which Garry leads, has submitted a plan to City Council to reduce gun violence in the city; he is chair of the Human Services Coalition of the Faith Community Alliance; and is co-founder of the Cincinnati Racial Justice Coalition. Garry founded Slow Down Cincinnati to reduce pedestrian fatalities supports more affordable housing and wants more neighborhood involvement in development decisions.

I am someone who strives to be absolutely true to his own distinct, original values, but I have found that my principles inherently echo the ideals of our Democratic Party. I believe that the greatest good of our city and our country lies in the good and welfare of the people. I believe that in promoting equality and justice - both social and economic - we create a society in which all people are welcome, and all are given the chance to succeed. I support free, public education of distinguished caliber, a commitment to our communities, and honesty with the Cincinnati voters. I believe, most importantly, in the dignity of every human being. For all of this, I am a Democrat.
Steve Goodin Steve
I'm Steve Goodin, and since November 30, 2020, I have been honored to serve as your City Councilman. Public service is not new to me. As a young man, I served in the Peace Corps, and then as JAG officer in the U.S. Army. As a prosecutor, I learned we cannot have a civil society without law enforcement. As a member of the Public Defender Commission, I saw we must have transparency in all government actions, from the police cruiser to the courtroom.

As a member of the Southern Ohio Regional Transportation Authority, I became aware public transit is the key to providing jobs and opportunity.

As the chair of the board at the Center for Addiction Treatment, I was reminded that every life is precious, and that people can get better when given the chance.

As an attorney for the City, I was impressed by the awesome responsibility we have as caretakers of the economic engine which drives a region of three million people. We need a more transparent, common sense and equitable Community. I am battle-tested and ready to take up the challenge.
Reggie Harris Reggie
Reggie's story begins as an only child in a large, tight-knit, extended family. He was raised in an environment of entrepreneurs - his mom braided hair, his uncle owned a dance studio, his grandmother and great aunt drove an ice cream truck, his mom's cousin owned a restaurant, and his uncles started a real estate development company. His uncle even helped produce the Cha-Cha Slide. They invested in people, in their communities. All of these businesses took place in Black communities, places where they lived and worshipped.

The importance of this community has impacted Reggie deeply. It taught him that, when given a shot and the proper resources, people will give you their best. It also drove him into the career of social work, where he could continue to invest in people in the same way his family did in him.

He is a transplant to the city; his work as a licensed independent clinical social worker brought him here with his husband in 2015. Prior to becoming a social worker, he had a ten-year career as a professional ballet dancer performing with the Joffrey Ballet of Chicago, Ballet Austin, and River North Chicago Dance Company.
Rob Harris II Robert
Harris II
Rob Harris is not your typical career politician. He believes in being a benefit to the City of Cincinnati. Rob was born and raised in West End and is a proud graduate of Withrow High School. Following high school, Rob studied Sociology at Wittenberg University in order to understand the dynamics of those who work and live in our community. With 16 years of Retail Bank Management experience and community involvement, he plans to be a man of action to make the City of Cincinnati a better place for EVERY person. Rob Harris wants to give the people of Cincinnati hope through collaborative community engagement and curbing the Homicide rate.
Nicholas Jabin Nicholas
Nick Jabin is a Cincinnati raised Activist and Humanitarian he has been personally taken care of and aided the homeless and people of Cincinnati for the past 3 years, through this time he has succeeded in getting over 20 individuals off the streets and back into housing or jobs. Nick Also started a clothing brand nonprofit called change a year ago that he fundraises to aid people back into housing via rent deposits and housing resources.
Scotty Johnson Scotty
Johnson was a Cincinnati Police officer for 33 years and was the president of the Sentinel Police Association, a group of black officers whose mission is community policing. Johnson worked behind the scenes on the Collaborative Agreement between the police department and citizens after the 2001 civil unrest. He is an elder at Christ Emmanuel Christian Fellowship Ministries in Walnut Hills. Im Scotty Johnson a candidate for Cincinnati City Council. I am honored to have lived and served in this great city all my life. I believe together we can achieve quality, impartial and fair service for every citizen in the Queen City. As a candidate, I am committed to making sure we strive to obtain these characteristics.
Liz Keating Liz
Keating was appointed to replace P.G. Sittenfeld, who was suspended from council after being indicted on federal corruption charges. She is the marketing director for the Jim Stengel Co., a marketing and consulting think tank. Shes the daughter of the late Bill Keating Jr., a lawyer who was known for his community involvement, and the granddaughter of former Enquirer publisher and U.S. Rep. Bill Keating, who died in May.

She has served on the boards of Honor Flight Tri-State, Adoption Professionals, Cincinnati Para-Swim Open, Talbert House, Lane 8 Fund, Dan Beard Council, and Friends of the Classic. Liz has volunteered for numerous organizations.

She lives in Hyde Park with her husband and two young children.
Andrew Kennedy Andrew
Andrew Elton Kennedy is married to Michelle French Kennedy. He has two daughters from a previous marriage. They reside in the Pleasant Ridge neighborhood of Cincinnati with their dog, Ellie. Andrew is passionate about his community and enjoys following Cincinnati news, politics, events, and local sports. Andrew enjoys being a volunteer at Cincinnati Children's Hospital. He also enjoys capturing local running events on video for runners to see themselves via his business AKRC (Andrew Kennedy Race Capturing). He loves being a father, running lifting weights, writing, beekeeping, and helping his daughters raise their two rabbits, Thumper and Bumper. Michelle, a Cincinnati native, works as a social worker specializing in the geriatric population. Andrew is founder and owner of FREE PASS. He enjoys selling the novelty cards he creates online as a part-time small business venture. After college, Andrew became a news reporter. He worked at KNDO News in Yakima, WA and WEHT News in Evansville, IN. Since 2007, he has also been and employee of Total Quality Logistics in Cincinnati, OH in sales and marketing
John Maher John
John is running for City Council because he is fed up with the dysfunction and pay to play schemes at City Hall. He is tired of seeing his fellow Cincinnatians be ignored, while those on council line their pockets with bribes from developers. John believes that council members need to enrich the lives of Cincinnatians, not themselves. We are recovering from the impact of COVID-19. Many of us are physically and mentally exhausted. We need a trustworthy city council that we can depend upon to help us recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Whether you are white, black or brown, this economy should work for you. You should have access to jobs that pay a livable wage. An education that moves your children forward and neighborhoods that are safe places to live and raise a family. For too long, our neighborhoods have been ignored. Our roads and bridges are falling apart while only a select few have been able to get ahead. We need equity, inclusion and justice from the leaders at City Hall.
Meeka Owens Meeka
I'm running for Council because I love this city and I am committed to making it better. I am a lifelong Cincinnatian, born and raised in our neighborhoods, and I've spent "my career in public service. Now I'm ready to step up and serve my city. We need to create good jobs for our residents, improve Black and Brown businesses, and make justice reform a reality. Join me in this race to create a better Cincinnati for us all."
Logan Simmering Logan
Logan Simmering is a Union Ironworker running to represent the working class on Cincinnati City Council. He grew up in a small town in Maine, one still governed by the traditional town meeting, and attended public schools. He earned a BA degree in History and Political Science at Warren Wilson College in Asheville, North Carolina.

He has lived in Cincinnati since 2009 and appreciates the city's rich history, unique identity, classic architecture, and urban spaces. He finds inspiration in our generous and involved citizens. He enjoys contributing to the community through his work with local activist groups, such as Democratic Socialists of America and Food Not Bombs.

While on City Council, he will work to extend power into the hands of all city residents. He believes that, together, we can create a culture of solidarity, build needed public infrastructure, and make Cincinnati a leader in sustainability.